Carrot Kanji: A north indian winter drink!!

-    04-01-2017

North Indian taste has always been a weak poi of every foodie and the variety of dishes varies with different seasons. Here we present a special one which is a famous beverage of North India in winters. Kanji, a fermented drink made traditionally by Punjabis with black carrots in winter.

How Paneer rules vegetarian stomachs!

-    04-01-2017

Paneer is the “King of the table” when it comes to VEGETARIANS. Paneer can be used in many ways, either individually or by combining with other vegetables and giving all together a different taste to the curry or dish. Be it stuffed in chapati or chopped in a

Different ways to cook Rice!

- Meghna Khanna   03-01-2017

Boiled rice     Boiled Riceis the simplest to cook and go with almost everything…try it with rajma, curry, cholle or any gravy you like…if you have not tried. Try boiled rice with sugar…I swear you are going to curse yourself for not trying

Trick your kids and make them eat vegetables without struggle

-    29-12-2016

Most of the parents are upset about the fact that their children don’t eat vegetables.There is a constant battle each parents fight to make their  kids eat healthy and green vegetables as most  of the kids refuses to eat green veggies. Kids considers vegetables as

Twisty Maggie Dishes!!

- Mitali Sharma   29-12-2016

Maggie has been in hearts of people from past few generations. It has done magic over the taste buds of people being so easy to cook and still being yummy. No one can resist themselves from getting the taste of this yummy snack and thus it prevails over all others.

Worried!!!what to do with leftover food ,here are some amazing dishes you can make from leftover food

- priyanka dhar   28-12-2016

Chapati Upma This is an interesting dish which you can prepare from the left over chapatis or rotis and beleive me you will end up making a delicious item. Its quites easy just 2.Masala Idli Just a twist which adds flavour  to your  original idlis, make small pieces

Why Punjabi khana-Shana is are all time favorite?

-    30-08-2016

Why Punjabi khana-Shana is are all time favorite?   1.       Forget taste! The captivating aroma will sway you away at first. Can you sense the buttery fragrance of Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti? 2.       It's

Refreshing drinks

- Pooja Saini   26-03-2016

In summer time one can’t take the heat and the body needs more water to stay hydrated. Here are some  refreshing drinks that takes few minutes to make and they’ll definitely cool you down when the weather heats up. If you are getting bored to

Gujiya- A homemade sweet recipe

- Pooja Saini   19-03-2016

A festival without sweets is impossible in India. And where we have the festival like Holi. The gujiya will increase the joy moment of holi.  “Gujiya” is a fried crispy flaky pastry stuffed with sweet filling made from khoya and desiccated coconut. Gujiyas are also known by

Egg white Omelet with Mushroom

- Pooja Saini   17-03-2016

The breakfast meal should be full of nutrition which gives you energy for full day.  With this it should take very little time to cook. This mouth-watering recipe takes only ten minutes to get ready. Usually people make omelet of the whole egg but here we use the