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- T. Rajagopalan   10-06-2017

Victims of marital rape. By T. Rajagopalan When the sorrow-stricken Sushmita (22) complained to her parents that her husband Ramesh (27) had been of late, berating and beating her for declining to permit him to cohabit with her, barely a week after giving birth to a baby girl her parents tried to

She Accidently Sent Hot Selfies To Her Student! What Happened Next Is Purely Shocking

-    17-01-2017

Exchanging naughty pics and messages is a cool thing nowadays amongst the lovebirds but sometimes in the moments of excitement, some mistakes happen too which cost a great deal. The most common mistake that takes place at such a moment is sending photos or messages to the wrong person and

This is How You Can Improve Your Sex Life

-    24-12-2016

It is a proven fact that human mind is naturally attracted towards the opposite sex irrespective of how old it is. As a person steps into adulthood, those attractions finally start taking shape and they often admit of being anxious about their potential in bed. However, with high stress levels

Grace, Dare or Chic ?

- Ecothrust    21-11-2015

Previous The wild sexual urge that seemingly faded away thanks to the caress of Atul's tender love returned just before noon. At  that time Saloni was in school. As she moved towards the inter college section she could feel the eyes following her. It was not just any

Will the perfect relationship last

- Ecothrust    20-11-2015

Previous    Next The ploy did not work. As always Atul was sauve, gentle but firm. He was able to both evoke and quench Saloni’s raunchy urges with calm and dignity. He could get himself out of such situations with poise and finish. Seeing her perched on

The hissing spout

- Ecothrust    12-11-2015

Previous     Next   The Kettle was already humming when Saloni woke in the morning. Hearing the hum and the hiss of the spouted monster every morning stirred her up. She rubbed into the bolster holding it between her naked thighs and went dirty. The antique bronze kettle

Night wolves prowl

- Ecothrust   30-10-2015

Previous    Next The morning broke with the song of the young cuckoo couple nested in the giant silk cotton tree at the edge of the garden. Atul was the first to awaken. Unlike everyday today he stepped out of the bed and drew the blinds. He shut out

The meandering brook

- Ecothrust   30-10-2015

Previous     Next Like everything else the nine o'clock position did not work. Saloni's initial excitement vaporized like a camphor ablaze. She quickly descended from an ecstatic high, to a retreating whorl, responding like an emptying void. It happened when she least wanted it. Much as

To you, to life, to love - Joe Dassin

- Ecothrust   30-10-2015

Previous    Next   Unfortunately the journey in his arms was short and he put her down near the bathroom door. She clung to him as he kissed her gently and tried to pull him in, unsuccessfully. Atul laughed lightly, but stepped back. Saloni quickly changed tactics. Ripped open

The throbbing garden hose

- Ecothrust   13-09-2015

Previous     Next Every evening they fell passionately into each other's arms after they returned from work. Saloni returned from school at around three while Atul a credit appraisal officer at the nearby branch of the State Bank of India returned usually at five. Then they had