Your body

- — Dr S. N. Khosla, MD.   17-08-2015

I am 30 years old and worried about breast cancer. Please advise. All young women should be worried about this malady. Best way to prevent it is to get regular medical check-ups. You should reduce your weight, if obese. Do a regular check-up of the breasts and if any lump is

The incident I cannot forget

- – Reinu Chandra, Ahemdabad.   17-08-2015

Saved by a stranger In appearance, they looked like motor mechanics. We were in Ahmedabad, driving on the busy Nehru Bridge at the busiest hour, one evening. Two young men riding pillion on a two-wheeler overtook our car and signalled a warning to us that there was some problem with


-    17-08-2015

My parents are keen to marry me off within the next two years, but I am least interested in the prospect. I am 19 years old now, and although I have many male friends in my neighbourhood and place of work, I have no romantic feelings towards them. Perhaps, I have

Personal problems

-    17-08-2015

I am a 38-year-old beautician. I did a basic course in this subject two years ago and since then I have done several additional courses in wedding make-up, hair­styles, skincare, etc. Now, my dream is to run a chain of beauty parlours across the metro in which I

My family, my friends and me…

-    17-08-2015

I am a 22-year-old student. Since I was 12 years old, a boy who lives next door and I have been in love with each other and have planned to marry as soon as we have settled in life. He is a year older than I am and has already completed

Kitchen queries

- – Savita Bhargava.   17-08-2015

Rice can be a complete and satisfying meal by itself, but what can we do to make a rice meal keep us full for a longer time? Rice fills us up considerably but if you want your rice meal to keep you full even longer, have it with a vegetable

I am pregnant

- – Dr Amrinder Bajaj   17-08-2015

I am four months pregnant and fit. Therefore, I find no reason to visit a doctor. Is it all right? You don’t have to have a reason to see your doctor. She will plan a series of checks appropriate for the pregnancy that will ensure every­thing

Beauty queries

-    17-08-2015

While getting my hair styled, the beautician discovered three coin-shaped bald patches on the back of my scalp. These areas are smooth and completely hairless. I am terrified. Could I be going bald? I am a 24-year-old bank employee. You are suffering from a hair condition called alopecia areata. Fortunately,

As you say

- – Anjali Kinra, Jaipur.   17-08-2015

Why the divisions and barricAdes? The story The Night She Eloped by Subha Sunny (WE July II, 2015) was very gripping and heart touching. The story is depicted beautifully. It talks about the turmoil in the young girl's heart – whether to run away and marry the love of her

Your body

- — Dr S. N. Khosla, MD.   04-08-2015

I am 25 years old. My problem is chronic cough which is persisting and despite number of treatments, refuses to go. Please help. Apparently, you suffer from chronic cough which is related to environmental pollution present in the atmosphere. It may be fumes from the factory in your neighbour­hood,