Hillary - A Woman Disruptive !

Biography by Karen Blumenthal

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She is the woman disruptive. Perhaps the only woman today who can change the world. There is no need to introduce Hillary Rodham Clinton who was America's First Lady 1992-2000. She went on to be the First Lady U.S. Senator from New York in 2001 following the legendary Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and preceding the illustrious business magnate Michael Bloomberg, and the then became the First Lady Secretary of State under President Obama during 2008-2012 . Yet a very well written biography with unknown facets of Hillary's life and workplace achievement has been published just in time by Bloomsbury months ahead of the US Presidential elections.

As she inches ahead to lead as the Democratic Party Candidate in what could be the most intense face off with Republican Candidate Donald Trump she brings hope to women around the world about one who would play a global role in women emancipation if voted to power. Here is a woman who could change the world. She has been a disruptive force throughout her career as she broke gender barriers single handedly with courage, determination and strategic acumen. We are putting forward a few excerpts from the book that will give insights into Hillary unplugged !

Her June 2008 speech

When she lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama in she counseled her millions of supporters in her thanksgiving speech not to wonder What If ?

"Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward" she said "Life is too short and time is too precious and stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been." She asked her followers to aim high, work hard and care deeply about what you believe in. "And when you stumble keep faith. And when you stumble, keep faith. And when you are knocked down,get right back up, and never listen to anyone who says you can't or shouldn't go on"

She acknowledged that women still face barriers and bias because of their sex. But she hoped that  in future campaigns, nobody would marvel at the idea that women could compete and win. "Although we were not able to shatter the highest, hardest glass ceiling this time", she told them, "thanks to you it's got about eighteen million cracks in it" . The reference was to the number of votes she got in the primaries and the pointer was towards the fact that though she was not elected this time she would be back in the fray soon.

Fighting sex discrimination at school

As a student of grade six she wrote an essay that she wanted to be a nuclear physicist or a teacher but when President Kennedy challenged America to put a man on moon by the end of the sixties, Hillary wrote to NASA asking to become an astronaut. NASA's curt response " We are not accepting women into the program me" was one of the first sexual discriminations faced by her when very young that made her angry and hurt and understand that equal opportunities were not available in America during the sixties.

Later during her Sophomore years she faced discrimination as she jumped into various activities that had only participating boys like the Student Council, the School Newspaper, The Spring Musical, a variety show, speech and debate sessions. When the brainy and serious young Rodham gave speeches, the boys would "sit up front and insult me and rattle me" she remembered. By and by on she was accepted and respected by her classmates as a well known debater and went to represent her school and college at several meets.  She was very self confident said her class friends "and was not afraid to go against the crowd over something she believed in."

Her mom gently encouraged her high school daughter to wear makeup, but Hillary was the least interested. "I think she thought make up was superficial and silly" Dorothy her mother said and she did not have time for it. Hillary's life story is an unending inspiration for the women of today and we will bring to you more snippets of her bio shortly #comebacktomorrow

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