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RJ Malishka

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She needs no introduction, she is talkative, she is very gracious and friendly, and audiences love her bubbly voice, she wakes up Mumbai every morning with her Lovely voice. She loves her listeners and solves the problems of listeners.  She is the renowned face of Radio Industry. She is none other than No. 1 RJ Malishka of Red FM

Woman’s era Correspondent Aditi Rastogi interacted with RJ Malishka to know about her  JOURNEY as a Radio Jockey.

WE:- Tell us something about your journey from childhood to an RJ

RJ Malishka:- The elder of two sisters, I had a lot of fun and played outdoor games, and loved learning languages and speaking to different people and enjoying my childhood. In school I had participated in everything from dancing to singing to dramatics. At  a very  early age, I used to listen to a lot of radio and TV and had decided that I want to join media. I was wanting to be a performer, and actor as well as a journalist. Fortunately radio gives you the opportunity to become everything.

When you imagine and believe in yourself, thoughts become things. I believe that If we work hard we can achieve our dreams. My job as an RJ has given me everything that I have dreamt of – a house in Mumbai, an opportunity to travel the world and  also participate in Jhalak Dikhla Ja the popular Dance show on Colours Television and a travel show.  After Xavier's and a media course at Sapphires , I started doing voice over and at that time radio boom happened. So I went to auditions that were held and I gave it and got it. I Joined first 94.6 and then  Red Fm and since then there has been no looking back. I am committed to Red FM and am enjoying my journey.

 WE:- How does it feel being known as No. 1 RJ?

RJM :- Whatever you do, do it very well, earn recognition. and there is no substitute for passion,  I always believe in how much you are committed to work its very important. Also it is important to have consistency. I always try to do better and better I keep challenging myself, as every person grows  I am not that person what I was 10 yrs ago, Now I am more fun, yet more deeper,  I have a better understanding of medium, it helps you get better every day. Over the year, No1 is the great thing, it’s a awesome feeling, but I will constantly try to do better and better work

 WE:- Does reputation brings responsibilities as well as expectation

RJM:- Of course it brings, enormous responsibility. People almost think I am their elected representative. They want us to be change agent. They want me to help fill up potted roads or talk to the BMC to stop monkeys jumping on a person roofs. They love me a lot but they will listen to me if I do their work and spin a new energy into the city.  People expect you to do something special,  that only you can do, they ask questions, they want suggestions from you, including how to bring back a wife who has run away. People want to know about how to handle their finances, about their life, people talk about animal welfare, rehabilitation, everything they ask. I enjoyed my work, consciously  and I only got worried when people stop asking me. I have been invited to an international meet at Milan to go and represent Radio in India and that has been a proud moment for me. People love me and because we connect to each other, and help them make the changes

 WE:-How you plan your show? What is your planning strategy?

RJM:- I have a small team in which some people go outdoors and meet people and we figure out the plan every day and then we execute that. We work very hard whole day to put something nice and different for our listeners and they love it. I called up the Bollywood stars and ask what they wore on their birthday and people love that. People want to know what celebrities are doing, what they are eating, what they are wearing. They want to know each and everything about the stars.  We do it in fun way and people enjoy that, but we also help solve problems in the city.

 WE:-The best thing about Radio Jockey which no one knows?

RJM :-  I don’t know if I  sound mature or not but it’s true, that there is child in every Radio Jockey at some level.

WE:-Any advice to those who are aspiring to be a Radio Jockey?

RJM:- It should not be an means to an end. You must have passion to be an instrument of change. If you are able to entertain people, you have that motivation to work, you have passion, then only you should join the radio.

WE:-What are your hobbies or interest?

RJM:- I love traveling, which is the most important part of my  life. I also enjoy doing sky diving, rafting and so on. And I also love the cultural experience. I went to Ireland two years ago and to America last year.


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