Shimply Launches Virtual Trial Room for Women

Indian Ethnic wear showroom

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Let us assume you are locked up in a mega mall 24X7 with 17 million products. It has many exquisite apparel shops where you can get your choice Kanjeevaram or Banaras or Bhagalpur Silk Sarees, or Anarkali or Patiala suits. It has varied accessory shops where you can get your choice bangles, your pearl necklaces or your authentic copper bracelets. It has even an Indian food court where you can find authentic tea from Darjeeling and  coffee from the Nilgiris and bookstores where you can read books in 17 Indian languages. 

Try your self and share

There is no end to innovation but digital shopping takes an altogether new dimension if you can try out garments and accessories at a virtual trial room and send a selfie to your sister across the globe to see wether it suits you.

1)    You can stick a earring to your ear, drag and drop it and insert another top in a matter of seconds and then experiment with a set of dangler or hoops and then change the colours or designs of the same.

2)    You can go to the pearl room and try on the gorgeous necklaces, the tear drop styled ear studs, or the resplendent pearl jhumkas.

3)    You can wrap around the mind boggling range of colorful Sarees, change your Salwar suits and match them with an endless array of dupattas.

4)    You can try out your jutis, or your matching pumps and accessorize with a vintage  Kutch handbag.170  lakh products on this unique Internet website are all Indian, from 3000 manufacturers across the north, south, east and western  states of India and are all authenticated by certifications of export promotion councils and Government bodies like Silkmark and Handloom Mark.

Stanford Technologist creates Made in India Store


The technology of the virtual trial room is developed and patented by Rajat Garg the founder Director of a one year old start-up shimply,  an Internet e commerce venture dealing with lakhs and lakhs of  ethnic Indian products. Garg a graduate of Delhi Engineering College went to the Stanford to do his masters in Electrical Engineering specializing in data networks that have made possible the large, scalable business propositions in e commerce across the world. After completing his masters he joined Amazon in 2005 and went on to head its Affliate marketing division in a short span of 3 years.

In 2008 Garg left Amazon to join the start-up Data Sphere started by a senior VP and colleague who quit Amazon. "I wanted to get an experience into how small startups work" says Garg. I was the ninth employee to join the organization in 2008 when it was doing a revenue of $ 10,000 a month and when I left in 2011 it had grown to a 300 employee unit earning revenues of $2 million a month. " At Data Sphere we created solutions for real estate and  a media business application where we were creating hyper local markets for media brands and for media promotion".

Building profitable e commerce

  Garg left the US to return to India in 2011 to build his own start-up venture. The first venture he created in India centered around social media. I realized that companies like Starbucks, South West Air were leveraging social media extensively, but there was technology needed to make the adoption effective for social media. " So we build an application called Social Media HQ for their Facebook pages that can be customized by filling up a form and launching their contests and events around it. The app quickly got popular and we had 16 lakh customers in the next 3 years including actors like Win Diesel and football clubs like Real Madrid.

 In  2014 I sold the data base of 2 million top notch clients and generated cash for my e commerce venture Shimply. This  venture is not a cash burner and neither the vendors on my site nor me as the promoter of the site is offering cut throat prices and burning VC cash to stay alive" says Garg. The venture is sustainable though we work on paper thin margins. We are growing 30% month on month and have to just keep churning on the volumes with our customized mobile apps that are being launched shortly - after all we are just one year old"





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