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Born on 6th January, 50-years-old composer, song writer, singer, musician and our very own humanitarian, AR Rahman who was born to a film-score composer and conductor for Tamil and Malayalam films father assisted him in the studio, playing the keyboard when he was a kid. Due to the early death of his father, he mastered the keyboard, piano, synthesizer, harmonium and guitar and became an arranger for bands such as Roots.

Later, he manage to start his career with Bollywood and gave many hits to the industry. For the recognition of his amazing work he has been awarded and given certain titles. In 2009, Time included Rahman on its list of the world's most influential people. The UK-based world-music magazine Songlines titled him "Tomorrow's World Music Icons" in 2011. Not only this but he has been awarded the third highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan by the Government of India and his work has given him the nickname of the “Mozart of Madras” and people in Tamil call him “Isai Puyal” which in English means “Musical Storm”.

He did not limit his career to Bollywood, except that he has also been involved in some non-film projects like “ Vande Maatram” which is an album released for India’s 50th Independence Anniversary in 1997, known to be one of the India’s bestselling non-film albums

This evergreen all-rounder artist is also known for the highly appreciable background scores and is considered, one of the finest background-score composers in India. His background scores are often characterised by the usage of subtle orchestration and ambient sounds.

And we should never forget how his breath-taking performance of “ Jai Ho” in Slumdog Millionaire of both Bollywood and the film by Danny Boyle won him Oscars and with this he became the 1st Indian to win an award at Hollywood award ceremony.  


Not only in the career front, but in the personal life even, Rahman is a person to look up upon. There are some qualities of Rahman that differs him from others in this field.


 " Mere paas ma hai, which means I have nothing but I have a mother, so mother's here, her blessings are there with me. I'm grateful for her to have come all the way "were his words when he won his first Oscar. He respects his family and specially his parents a lot. As his father died when he was only 9 years old, it was his mother with whose back and efforts he has reached where he is today.


Despite on being such a height of his career, he is so humble and polite that he never made anybody realised of the position he holds and this can be understood by the reply he gave to media when he won Oscar and was asked, “what’s left for you to achieve? "

 He replied in a polite way, "Well, I have not achieved anything. I have not ended poverty level. I have not stopped wars happening. For me these are achievements. And in my opinion, I am just a small musician who has got an award that is it”!

He never indulges in any controversy and fights with other people in the industry as he believes in “Focus”. One should do his work, the work will speak for the answers to want to give back.

He being on such a height of his career, never left his morals and humanity and has always been ready to serve in whatever way he can. He is also a member of many organisations which work for the upliftment and betterment of the world.


Presenting among us sufi romantic songs and the ones on which he lets our feet beat,  this artist has never disappoint us and has always tried to serve us with some of the excellent tracks which we can never get off our heads.







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