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The need to be different is all pervasive across the world. In the world dominated by social media more than four out of five women and three out of five men would like to be different. The reason say psychologists is greater because men and women can be no longer differentiated by clothes or by hair alone. Besides makeup, gyms and cosmetic (facial) surgery's are increasingly giving humans close to factory made perfect look. Let us see what is the most trending with women around the world to be different.

Tattoos :

Tattoos, once introduced by rock stars and WWF wrestlers has really caught on the world as a key differentiator. Today it is pervasive not only amongst stage artists but also amongst young ladies who would want to be different. The most popular global tattoo the butterfly on the lower back or the downward pointing arrow on the upper back has now many competitors vying for the top spot. Amongst them are the world map on the wrist that symbolizes the global girl on the move and the hummingbird also a wrist tattoo. These are also the most aspirational tattoos for the evolving woman depicting her need to be free, and has rocked the top spot in social media trend setters at Instagram and Pinterest.

Single Mom By Chance or Choice :

Single motherhood is growing globally and India's own beauty queen and film diva Sushmita Sen was amongst the early trend setters. The figures of single motherhood have almost doubled in the past 20 years. The trend started with young rebel teenagers who became pregnant and were left to fend for themselves as the men in their lives walked away. Some of them had to fight a battle for survival that was grim and often devastating. A battle that no one was ready to hear about only because they were so many of them and nobody wanted to pick up the baggage of supporting single moms. No body not even die hard feminists, nor the liberal democracies of the west, supported them in their lonely battle. A study says that nearly half the children born to women under the age of thirty in the US are born to the single women. Most of these women were economically challenged because they used to earn lower then their male counterparts, when they separated. Also a large number of them had never entered into a formal wedlock and there was no alimony to support, when the man walked out of their lives or they left their partners. 

The change started however to pick up  when actors, authors, celebrities and other bold and successful career women took up the challenge. They believed that they could carry their lives on alone without too much help from the male species. So what was initially thought of as a terrible misfortune became a challenge taken by successful women who dared to bring up the single child alone. They helped evolve a positive environment away from the stigma days when a single mother used to be considered a liability by the society. Soon they developed a complete ecosystem of  support network such as supporting and close friends, professional babysitters, home doctors who would do family visits and even got back family support that is crucial to the success of single parenting. These single moms were not sex-less and destined to virgin living,  but importantly not dependent on men to support the child. Some picked up boyfriends and girl friends or husbands if they could meet their independent lifestyle.

Married at 50 and glowing

Most women find endless suitors and friends when they are young and beautiful but as age catches on they seem to get lonely and unwanted. Not any longer. Older women whose skins are peeling off and wrinkles are appearing are today being sought for their intellect, their emotional appeal, their companionship and professional achievements as partners.

You don't have to go the to the neighborhood spa to get a loofah. You can let the wrinkles flow and let dead skin cells drop on the floor as he takes you in his arms without worrying. Like a man you can wash it all away with scalding hot water during your bath without worrying about what he will think about you. Most importantly you can meet him without your make up in your own skin with a feeling that you are the same 24x7 without having to change your looks for him.

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