WOWW!! Another unbelievable Miracle by Medical Science!!

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It is believed everywhere that there is a certain age for everything.. to study, to have a job, to get married, to have children, to marry them, to get retirement and so on…

It is also believed that a lady should get married on time and that the ideal age to have children is also before 30 otherwise she has to face so many problems. Although experts claim that there is no fixed age to start a family but at the same time getting pregnant after a certain age have so many disadvantages.

But here’s a completely miraculous incident which took place recently when a 100 years old woman gave birth to a baby boy.. Yess.. this is absolutely a true incident where a 100 years old Italian Woman was blessed with a baby boy after fighting for it a lot.

Anotolia Vertadella, become the first women to give birth to a baby at the age of 100. She became pregnant after a successful ovary transplant operation. There were so many discussions among the specialists who were doubtful if she would be able to take another surgery after one, but after consent of some health care experts, the surgery was carried out in Turkey where it is completely legal. After getting blessed with a baby boy, the old women was overwhelmed she said ,“I am very happy and thankful to the doctors who performed the operation. The feeling of giving a birth to the child is amazing and I am so grateful. This is a true blessing of God.”

Medical Science has progressed a lot it all senses and now there always a hope of recovery, it can make miracles at times and so is in this case. In Anotolia’s interview to a foreign website , she emotionally said that “I could not procreate since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For a long time I believed God was punishing me, but the God is real, and he is listens to our prayers, he has granted me with fertility at a age that is not less than a miracle.”

According to the website, the surgeons who carried out her surgery said that she is in a sound health and still has some years to live with her son.


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