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Irfan Khan, this name doesn’t need any introduction. One of the most versatile and highly talented name in the bollywood industry. He has created his own place in this competitive cinema world with some of the most iconic roles and several hits in his career. He never failed to amaze his fans with his fantastic acting skills and establised himself  as one of the top actor of bollywood industry with a series of great  films like The Lunchbox, Haider, Piku, Pan singh Tomar, Talvar and Madaari. 
On his 50th birthday  we present you some lesser known facts about Irfan Khan.
1.     Irrfan Khan’s real name is Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan. He did not like the long length of his name and so he started removing words from his name.
2.     He took admission to the NSD with fake certificates.
3.    The star does not like non-vegetarian food and so his father teased him that he is a brahmin born in a pathan family.
4.     Irrfan wanted to be a cricketer and became an actor only by chance.
5.    He has a wish – to gift his mother a suitcase full of money
6.    He’s been detained twice at Los Angeles Airport because his name is similar to a terror suspect.
7.    He belonged to a feudal class, a family of zamindars.

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