It’s merely an illusion: Hrithik Roshan thoughts on romance

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Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan says sentiment is only for brief timeframe and love is something which stays for eternity. The actor will be next to be seen in his upcoming film Kaabil directed by Sanjay Gupta. He said that he doesn’t believe love is a blind theory. “Love is not blind, romance is blind. Romance is the most dangerous thing because it is an illusion and you will see and hear things that don’t exist.

“After romance what stays is love and that is not blind,” Hrithik said. The actor has had his share of ups and downs in relationships but maintains that his idea of romance is still the same as it used to be when he started understanding the emotion of love.

“I romanticised everything in my life, everything has background score,” he added. The actor said he don’t care about the negative things people say about him and being forgiving is his mantra to step ahead for a positive life. “Whatever you are inside good or bad it will manifest it will come out in some way be it your work, words… It will come out.

“If we are sitting here and there is some person on the beach who is abusing you, are you going to leave this conversation and sort that out? No? As you are involved here, enthusiastic here,” he said.

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