Twisty Maggie Dishes!!


Maggie has been in hearts of people from past few generations. It has done magic over the taste buds of people being so easy to cook and still being yummy. No one can resist themselves from getting the taste of this yummy snack and thus it prevails over all others.

So for all the Maggie lovers out there, here we are with some amazing mouth watering snacks that can be cooked from Maggie at home.

Have a look:

 To prepare this dish, boil the Maggie and potatoes separately. Now mix grated potatoes, veggies and bread crumbs and add Maggie to it along with ginger-garlic paste salt, chilli, and other masalas you want as per you taste. Shape this mixture into small round flat balls and fry it to golden brown. Serve with chutney and enjoy.


Here we have one to prepare with raw Maggie and trust me it’s really very nutritious. First of all prepare a green salad including cucumber, onion, tomatoes corn and other veggies you like. Now crush the raw Maggie cake into this mixture along with garlic powder, salt, chat masala, green chilli and other things youv want for your taste. And your Maggie salad is ready with a little crisp.


Boil Maggie. Now make a mixture of besan, sooji and ginger garlic paste. Put this mixture in a bowl, add Maggie, veggies, and spices according to you taste. Put some oil in a pan and put the prepared batter and spread, now cover the lid simmer to cook properly. Cook from both the sides and enjoy with sauce or chutney.


Simply prepare Maggie according to your taste. Separately roast bread slices. Now spread the prepared Maggie over these bread slices. Sprinkle oregano and enjoy with sauce.


Boil maggie without taste maker. Heat oil in a separate pan and add mustard seeds, curry leaves and onions. Add asafetida, green chilies and other ingredients of your choice. Add the pre-cooked Maggie along with the tastemaker and fry for five to ten minutes.

What are you waiting for now….  go and bang on in your kitchen..


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