Trick your kids and make them eat vegetables without struggle


Most of the parents are upset about the fact that their children don’t eat vegetables.There is a constant battle each parents fight to make their  kids eat healthy and green vegetables as most  of the kids refuses to eat green veggies. Kids considers vegetables as their enemy ,they hate vegetables  and often  just refuse to eat them and indulge themselves in unhealthy eating habits. Encouraging your kids to eat vegetables often becomes challenging but there is nothing to worry as here we have some excellent tricks by which you can make your kids eat healthy vegetables without any struggle.

  1. Hide vegetables in kid- friendly food

This is the easiest way you can make yourkids eat veggies. Don’tput the vegetables directly in their plate insteadinclude it in the food which they like to eat. So they will eat it without any troubleand excuses.

2.Make food fun

Children loves playing and they learn many habits through playing. Kids love to play make believe,

3. Reward their effort

Appriciation plays very important role here creating positive food experience. Appriciate their small effort of eating vegetables this will motivate them to continue the habit.

4. Arrange food in patterns on the plate

 children love when their food is designed into patterns on their plate.

5.  Blend up a smoothie

There's a reason smoothie shops are popping up on every corner and blooming like anything. It's because they're delicious. Kids love to have them so you can just include veggies in smoothies andgivea flavour which kids love the most.

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