Now women can carry Self Defence tools in Delhi Metro.


Women safety being a major issue of concern India and after several cases of molestation of women in the country, here comes a decision which every woman was waiting for. Now women can carry knife along with her as a tool for her safety while travelling in the Delhi Metro. Apart from this lighter and match boxes have also been removed from the list of prohibited items on the Delhi Metro. There is also relaxation for the daily labourers traveling by Metro everyday as they have also been allowed to carry their tools.

The decision was taken by CISF. CISF officials said that on a daily basis about 100 lighters and math boxes are caught at different metro stations. According to a CISF official, “Apart from one lighter and one matchbox per passenger, we have also allowed passengers to carry tools. We received several requests as labourers travel by metro and carry tools for work”. He added that “However, we examine the tools and make an entry in a register so that the passenger can be traced if needed”.

As per the officials, women are allowed to carry a knife of up to 4 inches as it can help her for her own safety. “World over it is a practice that only items that can cause mass destruction are not allowed. We carried a review and found that with these items, passengers’ safety is not in danger,” he added.

Delhi Metro is an important medium for a large number of people to commute from one place to another. About 30 lakhs passengers travel every day in Delhi Metro. Sharp objects, sword, guns, explosives, crackers, liquor are some of the things from the list of 54 objects that are prohibited to carry while travelling in it.


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