Gift these 5 things to your traveller friend

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Mini manicure kit

When yor are traveeling it’s hard to keep your nails in perfect shape. If you have a mini manicure kit in your bag, it can be a life saver for a traveller as it does not take a big space in your bag it can fit anywhere and packs all your nail care assentials.

Digital luggage scale

Take heavy luggage everywhere might be a problem for you. Not only do you have to make sure all the essentials are packed, but you also have to be careful that your luggage doesn’t exceed the weight limit. Digital luggage scale can solve this problems. Gift this to a traveller and see their face light up!

Neck pillow

As much as we love the travelling, but at the same time it can be pretty tiring. So, if you know someone who love travelling but loves sleeping even more, gift them a comforty neck pillow. Make sure the pillow is firm so that they don’t end up sore or stiff. You can get them an inflatable one too, if they pride themselves on being light packers.

Phone lenses

If your traveller friend is more of a cell person and not type who has a dslr camera, they will adore a set of clip-on phone lenses. Available in sets and as single pieces, they’re sure to be appreciated by any photography enthusiast.



This doesn’t sound like an interesting gift for many of you. But this thing is most useful  for your traveller friend. These things Available in a range of prices and sizes, portable chargers are always great to have at hand, because the last thing a traveller wants is to be stranded somewhere without a functioning phone or electronic devices.

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