Next time your child asks for a pet, get them one! Here’s five reasons why

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Getting a ball of fur to live with you is the best thing that you can do for you children. The

early years of a child, when it’s mind is still pure and trying to understand how this world

works, are the most important part of growing up. What a child feels and learns from those

around him/her are what forms the basis of how the child will turn out to be. Although

there are many ways of making your children learn different things but letting your children

take care of animals help them grow much more from a humane perspective. One can learn

life lessons from their pet palls. Five reasons for why getting a pet is a good idea are:

1) They develop a sense of responsibility: Tending to the needs of someone

more vulnerable than yourself, always evokes a sense of responsibility. This applies

to both humans and animals. You will have a responsible animal and a responsible

baby all ready within a few years.

2) They develop a sense of compassion, forgiveness and patience: Pets can

be quite tough to handle sometimes, especially when they have this urge to chew

through your belongings and homework! (happens a lot, right?!). But no way can

someone scold them when they flash those puppy eyes for forgiveness. Animals can

actually help you increase your patience with all the pranks they play and in-turn

you’ll end up becoming more understanding for your fellow humans as well. The

same happens with children. They would grow up to be kind hearted individuals who

will know when to forgive.

3) They will know what unconditional love really means: Although we live in

families, make friends, go on dates and what not, deep down we know that our love

is not unconditional. On the contrary, humans love in a very selfish way. We run out

of love every time we don’t receive the equal amount of love. But that is not the

case with animals. Once your pet starts loving you, they’ll keep at it till the day they

die even if you start ignoring it. Animals love unconditionally letting your child

experience that kind of love and bond will help your child grow more confident as

he/she will know that no matter what, they will always have that one buddy who

would never betray them.

4) They will make your children play and exercise: If you get a pet for your child

then it becomes the responsibility of your child to take care of it’s routine. Going out

in the sun and playing is the most important part of day for dogs as well as children.

Your children will have to leave all electronic devices behind and will have to play,

which is good for their health.

5) They will become less prone to allergies and Asthma: When exposed to pet

dander and other allergens before the age of one, children tend to develop stronger

immune systems.

The only sad part about getting a pet is that their end comes too soon and never can one be

prepared enough to bid them farewell. But the time one spends with their pets becomes a

truly irreplaceable part of their life. We become more humane when we have an animal

buddy and so getting your children a pet might be the best choice you can make for them.

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