Over with new year eve party??Now here is the best guide to prevent and cure hangovers...

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New year is the time when we become the real party animals. We are in topmost celebration mode and as most of us believe that real celebration and party is incomplete without one thing ,that is liquor and other alcoholic drinks. With this comes the annoying problem of suffering from after party symptoms “hangovers “ .

But nothing to worry here we have some tips to tackle hangovers and how to prevent them.

Don’t go out on empty stomach

If you are  planning to party on new year, make sure you don’t starve yourself on that day. Have some snacks so that you don’t have empty stomach ,when your stomach is full you will drink less.

Avoid sweetend liquor

Mocktails and cocktails are sweetend hence it will make you feel drunk quikly. Choose wine ,beer,vodka or any other drink which are low in sugar content.

Keep drinking water

Drink atleast two glasses of water when you wake up feeling drowsy  to flush out all the toxins and hydrate your body as alcohol intake dehydrates your body. Water will neutralise the alcohol effect.

Take light breakfast

Light breakfast like fruits ,cereals and milk will help to take out the water retention and normalize the swollen eyes.

Avoid heavy meals

Drinking creates lot of  pressure on stomach and liver ,so avoid  rich and heavy meals whole day and stick to salads and fruits ,or pulses with chapattis.

Take raisins with gulkand

Socked raisins with gulkand will help the body to cleanse all the toxins and get over with the headaches.

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