Pay attention! Your dreams are trying to convey something

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Have you ever experienced a weird situation like you thinking about certain things and it appears to come in your dreams.Dreams have been given a specific meaning, good and bad, tragic and lucky, happy and not so happy Sometimes your dreams try to hint or indicate certain things which may relate to you in some or the other way. Dreams  occurs involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep and it can depict  hidden aspects of ourself, we can say dreams are direct expression of ourselves. 

Future Possibilities

Dreams can indicate future possibilities.  Dreams can show us what we want to see or fear. It is important to remember that the future is always in motion and your dreams are only so accurate.

The State Of Your Mind

Dreams come from the depths of our minds. The images it creates are direct expressions of different aspects of ourselves, even parts we aren't aware of.

Your Health

Dreams can indicate our health in different aspects, spiritually, mentally and physically. We are very in tune with the different aspects of our health, though we aren't always consciously aware of it. 

Your Death /death of your loved one

 If you see your own self death in a coffin, it means you will have a long live. If you see someone you love dead, it is probably because you worry for that person's well being, for some reason. Maybe that person lives far away from you, or perhaps, you haven't been able to communicate with her/him. Anxiety causes most of these dreams, remember no one can determine when someone is going to die.

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