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Food Trends in Kamla Nagar

Food Trends in Kamla Nagar    If we say the best of golgappas, maggie, momos, chaat, tikkas, pakodas, Chinese South Indian and North Indian food were all present in one Delhi locality, what would you guess? Yup, Kamla Nagar is the place to be for every foodie!

Food Corners to visit in Kamla Nagar:

Food Corners to visit in Kamla Nagar:   1. Manohar Bikaner, Brajwasi and Chaudhary Mishthan Bhandar for his Mithai’s.  

Food Trends in Kamla Nagar

2.Tom Uncle Maggie Point is the favourite place for Delhi University Students.

The pictures from the Dubai holiday of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne with their sons would give you holiday goals

- Himanshu Yadav

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan, who were considered one of the best couples of Bollywood industry, called it quits two years back. This was the biggest shocker of 2015. Even after the split, they managed to keep up with their sons only strength this statement. The picture where Hrithik is seen enjoying with his sons Hridhan and Hrehaan would create family goals for most of you. Hrithik was seen celebrating Christmas in French Alps with his sons and now they are enjoying in Dubai. They are here to celebrate their new year and his ex-wife Sussanne can also be seen enjoying with them. A look at these photos, one can easily make out that they are happy together.​  Watch: Reunion of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan This is the second time when Hrithik seen with his family in the past one month. Earlier, Hrithik and Sussanne were seen having dinner with their sons at a Dubai restaurant. They also left in the same car and looked happy and comfortable with each other. However, Sussanne has time and again ruled out a reconciliation between the two. In an interview she said “I request people to stop speculating. There will never be a reconciliation with @iHrithik. But we will always be good parents. #no1priority.” Earlier, when people saw Hrithik in a picture while Sussanne was holidaying with her sons abroad, she had said, “Like I always said, Hrithik and I are parents first and have to be in-sync regarding our priorities as parents in order to make sure our boys get the best upbringing. They are and always will be our main priority. So the two of us having lunch with them doesn’t mean we are holidaying together.” Sussane posted some of their holiday pictures on social media as well and it seems the relations betweenthem have actually improved.

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