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Must Read: Men are attracted to these 8 things in women

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Yes, there are some personality traits that attract men like crazy. These have been found as per latest studies. Find some of them below:


Long arms

Well, yes, it was once all about long legs. But a recent research suggests that men are attracted to long arms.

The craziness factor

For all those who think that men are attracted to sober and sophisticated women, a study says that men like women who are a little crazy.


Keep smiling

Nothing attracts a man more than a woman who is smiling all the way. A man finds a smiling woman very attractive.

Stay honest

This is one quality that every man is looking for. Men look for women who don’t fake it and stay honest all the time.

Color it red

Men are easily attracted to color red. A woman wearing a red dress is enough to allure them at one sight.

Big eyes

All those women who have big and innocent eyes are the first ones to attract men. This is one feature that is loved by most men.

Long hair

Women with long hair can make heads turn in seconds. Men love women with long locks and get attracted very easily.

No makeup look

Men don’t like fake. They like women who keep it real and wear no or less makeup.


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